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Our Fee Schedule and why it costs what it does.

We believe our fees are commensurate with other truly qualified and Accredited Marine Surveyors ( AMS® ) in Ontario but there are non-accredited surveyors who will work for $8, $9 or even $11.95 per ft. You can find some of them on Kijiji.ca

Insurance Surveys, Condition and Valuation Surveys & Pre-Purchase Surveys

Many surveyors will provide so called "insurance surveys" or "pre-purchase" or "C&V" surveys or some other title that justifies abreviated reports or "checklist" surveys.

We do only one level of report ..... a Marine Survey Report typified by these
Sample Marine Survey reports .Our reports are valid for all purposes and guaranteed to be accepted internationally without reserve.

If the vessel has been sitting in water long enough to acquire slime or marine growth on the bottom a thorough assessment of bottom condition is not possible without a power wash at haulout for survey.

Minimum fee $450.00 lot + HST To compare our fees to others in Ontario see
"List of Every Surveyor in Ontario (almost)"
26' to 29' $20.00 /ft + HST
30' to 39' $21.00 /ft + HST
40' to 43' $22.00 /ft + HST
Over 43' Please ask for quote
Travel $1.00 per kilometer. Round trip from Port Credit.
Toronto Island We no longer survey vessels on Toronto Island It's hard enough getting into the city to survey due to traffic, road closures and special events. Additional time lost to find parking and long walks carrying heavy tools to wait for ferries or yacht club tenders and trying to schedule our work around the tender service has made these surveys unprofitable.
Sea Trials $150/hr. A thorough sea trial should take no more than an hour. Sharon will monitor & photograph the guages while I give instructions from the engine and steering gear compartments. Neither Sharon nor I will drive the boat. We are there to monitor and observe systems. We ask for full throttle runs, straight, port/starboard turns and in reverse in order to observe systems under load. Owners often object to these requests but if the boat cannot operate at full throttle, what's wrong ?
Yacht Deliveries $450Cdn. per day plus all expenses for our crew of Sharon & Wallace. Lay days i.e. when the boat does not move for mechanical or weather reasons are charged at half the day rate.

. Terms & Conditions
Most qualified delivery skippers will charge a daily rate plus all expenses from door to door (their door that is), My door is Toronto, Ontario. We will provide an estimated time for the trip and require pre-payment on that estimate and initial travel (flights, etc.) costs. We will not deliver a vessel on trips of more than 3 days without autopilot. You will have to provide your captain a method (cash or credit card) of paying for fuel, dockage, food, canal transit passes etc. On certain trips we will require radar. Cooking, potable water systems and head must be functional. All electrical systems must be safe and functional. All required safety gear must be functional and in good condition.i.e. bilge pumps, life jackets, fire extinguishers. All navigation gear including appropriate charts,running lights, VHF, GPS, sound signalling and compass must be functional. Upon our arrival at the vessel the first few hours will be spent on familiarization. You must ensure your insurance company of who is taking command and get their approval. This has never been an issue as most insurers already have us on file. If they want to know more send them to my Credentials page. Lastly any alcohol must be removed from the vessel before we take command. We will provided you with a daily log and a final accounting after delivery.

For more details see. Getting Her Home
PAYMENT - E-transfer preferred, cash or cheque, NO CREDIT CARDS

Our fees listed above are pretty firm but may be affected by odd vessels or odd circumstances. I will certainly advise you before I accept the commission if my price will be different than stated above. I may charge less for some unfinished vessels or houseboats as they tend to be fairly simple.

Depending on circumstances some kind of premium will be charged for out of province surveys or I may charge a flat daily rate including travel and report writing time plus expenses.

Our reports are normally completed before midnight same day for local marine surveys i.e. between Niagara-on-the-Lake and Pickering and south from Lake Simcoe. Outside of this area but within Southern Ontario reports will normally be completed before midnight of the following day. Out of province marine survey reports will generally be completed within 12 hours of returning to my desk. Once payment is received (e-transfer preferred, cash or cheque accepted, no credit cards) a pdf copy will be forwarded to you.

Most marine surveyors charge by the foot L.O.A. although some US marine surveyors are now charging by the hour. There are good arguments for both methods but I choose to charge by the foot.

At one time we actually measured boats for pricing purposes but my numbers never came out to what the manufacturer claimed and we had occasional disagreements over what length we were charging for. Consider the boats listed below.......

A Carver 325 is actually 30' 2"
A Bayliner 4087 is actually 34' 8"
A Sea Ray Sundancer 480 is actually 55' 8"
A Bayfield 36 is actually 41' 3"

In order to avoid confusion we decided to charge by the foot according to whatever L.O.A. was published. By published we mean original factory specifications from company web sites or original advertising material or when those are not available I use the Power Boat Guide, Mausch's Sailboat Guides or owners association web sites.


Mileage is charged round trip at whatever mileage Google Maps comes up with. At 60 cents / kilometer I charge about $90.00 to drive from Port Credit to Port Dalhousie and back, thats about 3 hours plus the cost of gas, insurance (business vehicle insurance costs more), depreciation and tires etc. I don't get a company car allowance and $90.00 isn't much when you add it all up. I pay for my own computers, software, this web site and other advertising, stationary, moisture meters, corrosion meters, Barcol testers, cameras, thermal camera, infrared thermometers, multi-meters, continuing education etc. and oh yeah........little brass hammers and dental picks (that you often get to keep when they are dropped in the bilge) and it takes quite a bit longer to write the report than it does to do the survey.

We are not doing this to supplement a government pension or my income as a disc jockey or groundskeeper like some others in Ontario. I am a full time professional who pays dues to the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors®, American Boat & Yacht Council, BoatUS Technical Exchange and BoatUS Consumer Protection database. I have spent a small fortune building my library of Transport Canada, ABYC , ABS, NFPA, UL, ISO and CSA standards along with dozens of reference books and also pay for annual continuing education courses required to maintain my AMS® status.

I do not qualify for unemployment insurance and I do not have a drug, eye glass, dental or extended health plan. No one pays into a company pension plan for me. I don't get a Christmas bonus and I get neither sick days nor paid vacation time. Hey ! wait a minute........I'm working for less than minimum wage !

Believe it or not I love every second of what I do for a living..... think about it.... I hang around boats all day, then people give me money.

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Wallace Gouk AMS® Ret'd
SAMS® Accredited Marine Surveyor, Ret'd
ABYC® 2002
ABYC® Standards Certified, 2009
ABYC® Certified Corrosion Anayst, 2015
Transport Canada Licensed Master, 2002
Transport Canada Tonnage Measurer, 2004
BoatUS® Approved Marine Surveyor, 2003