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18. The Three G's

Go simple -
A couple we know retired to go cruising. They both had good pensions and thought they could manage financially. They did not want to go camping so bought an older trawler with twin diesels and all the comforts of home. It was one of the most complex boats I have ever seen. Two diesels, diesel generator, engine driven AC generator, engine driven refrigeration compressor, DC refrigeration, AC refrigeration, galvanic isolator, isolation transformer, five battery switches and the most convoluted wiring I have ever seen. Only a trained monkey could change the oil is this thing. Cruising in this mechanics nightmare killed their budget within two years. If you are a mechanical whiz and electrical genius, go for it. If not, go as simple as possible or have a very fat wallet.
Buy the smallest, simplest boat on which you can be comfortable. Size and complexity cost big time in dollars and mental health.

Go slow - The snowbird trek starts in August with some leaving as late as mid-October. The later you leave the more you rush to keep up with warmer weather moving south. We have done this ourselves and know that we have missed much. Next time we'll leave early enough to explore the Finger Lakes and maybe Lake Champlain in upper NY State along with all the small towns on the Hudson River. The Chesapeake is also a terrific cruising ground but it too gets cold in the fall, so most rush through looking for palm trees.  The tendency is to hole up when the weather is stinky and rush south when the sun comes out. If you do this you run past some great little stops. Consider staying put for a couple of days exploring when the weather is nice. Remember you are doing this to slow down and it’s the voyage that counts not the destination.

Go now - Over the years we have met many people with “the dream” and “the plan”. Unfortunately most of those who talk about it never get to do it because ….. Insert your excuse here …… and then it really is too late. Do it now or next year you might not need an excuse.

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