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Sharon and I are a team. Sharon does all the percussive sounding, moisture metering and photography and I do the rest

416-526-3845, boatpoker@gmail.com

My SAMS Accreditation can be confirmed online at Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors®
My ABYC® Certifications can be confirmed at American Boat & Yacht Council®
My BoatUS® approval status can be checked at BoatUS®

My Transport Canada Appointment status can be checked at Transport Canada

A 20yr. liveaboard with just over 24,000 hours in my log (15,000 of those on my own boats) between lake Superior and the Caribbean.

Our Fee Schedule and an explanation of why marine surveys cost what they do.

Before You Hire Us there are a few things you need to know about what I do, don't do and what I expect from you.

Delivery Captain Service Once you buy her you now have to get her home whether by water or on a truck. When not surveying Sharon and I can usually be found delivering yachts of various sizes, on the water that is between the Great Lakes and Bahamas.We do not deliver by truck.

Our New Boat You are not the only one who spends too much money on your boat. We are completely gutting DIRT FREE and starting again.

Sharons Blog of our latest cruising adventure.

Powerboat Models Surveyed. A complete list (I think) of the 414 power boat models I have surveyed and/or delivered.

Sailboat Models Surveyed. A complete list of the 352 sailboat models I have surveyed.

Credentials List of CE's as required to maintain my SAMS® Accreditation.

Testimonials, I don't really feel comfortable with this but all the experts say I should have it on the site, so here it is.

and don't forget to look at our Sample Marine Survey Reports

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Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors
William Wallace Gouk AMS®,
Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors®, Accredited Marine Surveyor, Seal No. 757
Transport Canada Licensed Master, Transport Canada Tonnage Measurer, ABYC® Certified #10952, BoatUS® Approved Marine Surveyor

A Marine Surveyor for Ontario from Mississauga, Toronto, Hamilton to Oshawa, Whitby, Newcastle, Pickering, Trenton, Kingston, Gananoque and beyond